TwingTec is developing the next generation of wind energy technology: TwingPower. By using a Twing, short for tethered wing, wind energy up to 300 meters above the ground can be efficiently harnessed. No tower or foundation is required, so more than 90% of the material of a conventional wind turbine can be saved. A unique launching and landing solution using on-board propulsion has been demonstrated that enables a compact and mobile system to be realized. The culmination of more than 5 years of R&D in leading academic and research institutes in Switzerland, the TT100 offers a flexible and scalable mobile wind energy system for off-grid power supply applications.


TwingPower: Wind Energy 2.0

Fully autonomous
  • All weather operation
  • Automatic launching and landing
  • No operator needed
  • Ships in a 20 foot container
  • Minimal installation time
  • No special equipment needed
Seamless integration
  • Stand alone or parallel operation
  • Converts wind energy into fuel savings
  • No additional energy storage requirements